Tuesday, January 14, 2014

McMurphy characterization 2 of 3

I think McMurphy acts this way even though he knows what he has to lose because he thinks that no matter what he does he thinks that the nurse is still going to hold him in there forever.that is why he smashes the glass and starts up risings. And even though McMurphy knows what he has to lose he is still willing to sort of sacrifice if self for the other people in the compound. He believes that it is possible to get them out of the compound or get rid of the nurse. And McMurphy keeps there hopes up by smashing the glass and that shows the nurse that he has the power and not him. But the nurse also shows her power by making the do chores and taking away the wash room where they like to hangout and gamble. But I think McMurphy knows what he has to do to help. The people in the ward and I think he will do and maybe he too will get out.

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