Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Excitement 1 of 3

  • Excitement
  • The date was March 20th, 2013. My Dad and I had just got done putting the trailer on our SUV. We were on your way to Saco the get what might be the greatest birthday present of all time. We were going to pick up my brother Eric's new snowmobile that he had no idea about. Eric had been looking for a snowmobile for a long time because the snowmobile he had then was a little problematic. So my Dad decided to secretly find him one. When he did he told no one until Eric's birthday that is when he told my mom and I. So we drove all the way to Saco and told my brother we were going to go get fire wood or some thing so that he would not want to go. We arrived at the guys house that we were getting the snowmobile from. At first it appeared that no one was home but then the door open and out he came. The man was very small not much bigger then my brother at the time. Then he asked if we would like to see the snowmobile we said of course. Next he went into the house. We herd nothing for a while as we stood in the guys drive way. Then we herd it. It was a deep but loud rumble and as he brought it around the house he hammered on the gas causing the sled to jump forward spraying snow every where. He was obviously trying to show off the machine. When he got to us he stepped off and asked my Dad if he wanted to take it for a spin he said yes. He got on the sled and took off up the hill that was in the guys yard. The sound of the Excel can echoed across the field. Then my Dad came back. The guy started telling us all the extras that where on the sled. It was a blue 2008 Yamaha Phazer MTX 144 inch track with 2 inch paddles that he had shaved down each to 1.75. The sled also had float skis, a float plate and an Excel can. Then I asked if I could try it out he said yes. As I turned the key the rumble came again but this time I was in control. I took off toward the hill. When I got to the bottom I stopped I decided to see what this sled could do. That instant I hammered the throttle causing the sled to shoot up the hill on a wheel then I whipped it around on one ski turning back to the house and stoping were my Dad and the guy stood. They asked "what do you think" I replied "I think I might want this one. My Dad laughed and I loaded it on the trailer and drove home. When we got to my house my Mom was freaking out and running around. She tolled me to go to the garage and get the first aid kit so I did. When I was walking out to the garage I noticed some thing red on the snow but I figured it was just kool aid or something. When I got back in the house everyone was gathered around Eric and he was holding his hand tight. I asked what had happened and my Mom began to tell me what happened. She told me that he sliced his fingers open on metal roofing and that it had been bleeding for 3 hours. Then she said that she would be taking him to the hospital. When we got to the E.R. Eric's hand was still bleeding. So the doctors took us to a special room where they gave Eric five stitches. They finally got the bleeding to stop. His hand had bled for 6 hours. When we driving into the driveway the garage door opened and there was the snowmobile. Eric was so excited that he jump out of the car and ran to the garage. When my mom and I finally made it into the garage Eric's face looked like he had just opened his first present on Christmas. 

  • Nathan Pelletier 

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