Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blog reflection

     This year has been like all my other years of English. There has been a lot of assignments and papers. And I think I have done good on all of them. The areas that I have struggled on are finding out something to write about.  And all most every time I write about snowmobiles. Another thing I struggle with is my iPad. In the beginning it was very hard for me to get used to. But it is still a pain to type on. The places that I succeed in are getting most of my work in on time and having good details.
     My first piece is called “excitement”. It is a story about when my brother got a snowmobile for his birthday. The project was a writers craft and it is probably my best one yet. It is very detailed, descriptive and a interesting story that is 100% true.
     The next piece is the McMurphy characterization paper. It is pretty short because I am not good at adding fluff to my papers. I also like to just get to the point and then done. But it is good work.
     The third one is the video. It is. A book summary of the book holes. I talk about all the main events that happen in the story, like when Stanley gets accused for stealing the sneakers. But it is actually his new friend that did it.
     Theses are the goals that I set in the beginning of the year
    “I want to work on developing ideas and incorporating more details in my essays, I would also like to make it flow better. Another thing i need to work on is get a 90 or above. To complete my first goal I will write ideas on a flash card about  the topics I need to cover. To complete my second goal I will try hard as I can on all my work and check your website frequently and make sure all my home work is done.”
I have completed one of my goals and that is I have been developing my ideas and incorporating them into my work. In my excitement piece I think that it really proves that I have achieved this goal. As for my other goal I still have more work to do to achieve that feat. But I am doing the things that I had wrote in the beginning of the year that would help me to successes in my goals. They have been working well for me but I now know that there are other things that I must do to achieve my hardest goal which is get a 90 or above. I just hope that this paper that I am working on now will help get my grade to where I want it to be which is a 90 average.

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