Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Second blog post

Question- Identify a problem you have had in your writing lately and talk about what you will do next to try and solve it?
My biggest and one of my only problem is the iPad. It is very hard to type what I want to write and get it on before I loose my train of thought trying to figure out all the buttons. It's is very frustrating. It is also hard to type with no key board and having to use my thumbs or one finger. I never thought I would say is but I miss my old laptop. And it always falls over when I'm typing. Some of the things I am doing to solve is problem is sometime when I am at home I use my Moms laptop to type things and then I email it to my self. And I am also trying to get a key board for it but they are very expensive. Another thing I could do is hand write it first so I that I would not forget things but then it would take twice as long.

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